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This certainly has been a long time coming: The preview for COM's 7th Saga! :D

"These... were dark times for our world..." *Sonic & Elias looking depressed in their cell* "Heroes were either imprisoned..." *Sally hiding from flashlights as the rest of the Freedom Fighters sleep near her* "...or they were in hiding..." *Commander Tower overlooking innocent Mobians -and even some humans- being led into cells by GUN soldiers and robots* "The global military was behind it all..." *A white-bearded old man in a lab coat talking to what looked like a small boy* "...and I'm sad to say that I had a hand in that madness, my son..." {1 Guilty Feeling -> Hyrule Warriors}
"But from what you've told us... you were only part of that because you were ordered to." *a girl who looked to be the same age as the boy placed her hands on the old man's knee*
"And... and this is why you've been helping to develop that temporal chamber... isn't it, Daddy?" *the old man looked to his children with a smile, despite also having tears in his eyes*
"Rock... Roll... you're right. Only the two of you and Rush can help fix things in that time... but you must remember to not be seen by two specfic people. Myself being one of them..." *both Rock & Roll nodded*
"We'll make you proud, Dr Light!" *Rock, Roll & Rush are led into a glass chamber, where they seal themselves in capsules before everything in the chamber is frozen*
"Good luck... my dear robot children..." *the face of Dr Light being viewed through the sceptre of a certain green-haired goddess*
"That's it... they're the ones who will help us save Mobius..."

GUN may be capturing every Mobian they can... *GUN troops holding up Mobians at gunpoint* ...and they may have imprisoned Sonic the Hedgehog... *Sonic being electrocuted by Howard Watcher* ...but Mobianity will NOT suffer forever... *one beam of light shines down on a battlefield, while a second, smaller beam of light shoots down to the ground* ...for heroes from the heavens and the future shall come to help them... *falling from the beam of light that was shining was an angel armed with a bow* ...Pit, servant of the Goddess of Light... *morphing from the second beam was a boy in blue armor, aiming his arm cannon in front of him* ...and Mega Man, a robot boy created by a legendary man of robotics... {2 Lightning Chariot Base (Kid Icarus Uprising) -> Super Smash Bros for Wii U}
Join Pit & Mega Man as they help Sonic and the Freedom Fighters save Mobius from the corrupted military of GUN. *Sonic angrily Boosting through GUN soldiers, Pit swerving through enemy attacks as Palutena guides his flight path, and Mega Man firing a full Charge Shot on a group of GUN robots* There will be some more new friends... *flashes of a man wearing green, holding his sword up high, four Koopa Troopas wearing different coloured bandanas, a robot girl with a robot dog, and a small human boxer* well as some old friends... *flashes of Knuckles, Hope & Lancelot* ...enemies galore, of course... *flashes of Commander Tower & GUN, Dr Robotnik & his Eggman Empire, Mammoth Mogul & his legion of Mephilesologists, Dr Finitevus & the Nocturnus Army, and Viridi and her Forces of Nature* ...some mysterious new faces... *silouettes of an angel, a fox with glowing yellow-and-blue eyes, a female echidna with longer dreadlocks than most, and a humanoid robot completely masked, with glowing red eyes*

...and of course, there WILL be CHAOS. Or will there? *flash to Sonic in a small cave with Merlin Prower* {3 Cutscene - Gaia Manuscripts -> Sonic Unleashed}
Merlin: "...all seven have gone dark, as well as missing. And now the Power of Chaos is unstable, with Chaos herself unable to control it."
Sonic: "Probably why they're so powerful, huh?"
Merlin: "Indeed."
Sonic: "Leave it to me, old-timer. I'll get the Chaos Emeralds back to normal!"

Sonic The Hedgehog - Chaos on-- "Hold it!" {4 Phoenix Wright's Theme -> Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3}

*flash to a courtroom, where a human in a blue suit slams his hands on the table in front of him* Court is now in session! "Take that!" *flashes of an elderly human judge, two young human women wearing traditional clothes, a young human man wearing most of a red suit -with two strands of hair looking like horns- one human girl wearing a blue magician's outfit, a human woman wearing a yellow suit, and a pale human man wearing a black samurai uniform* With plenty of faces to help or hinder him... "Your Honor, the defense is ready to present!" ...the Ace Attorney will either successfully defend or epically fail in a court of law! "Objection!"

Sonic The Hedgehog - Chaos on Mobius
7th Saga: Operation Humanity

C.O.M. Saga 7 - Operation: Humanity by Sky-The-Echidna Cover Art by Sky-The-Echidna
Coming Soon...

Now that that's out in the open, I am once again opening up the Q&A, so ask away! ;)

All things Sonic belong to SEGA/Archie/Bioware
All things Kid Icarus, Mario, Zelda & Punch-Out!! belong to Nintendo
All things Mega Man & Ace Attorney belong to CAPCOM
The mysterious fox belongs to Zeusthefox
The mysterious echidna belongs to Sky-The-Echidna
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Rules for the Club

1. If you want to contribute art to the club's gallery, please make sure that you send it to either 'Artwork' or 'Sprites, Animations and more...' (depending on your submission)

2. If you ask to have your own character in Chaos on Mobius, there is a strong possibility that you will be denied, since these are written in advance. But that doesn't mean TheTodStar won't come to you to ask for your character(s)!

3. If your art piece has NO relation to Chaos on Mobius in ANYWAY, your submission WILL be denied!

Wanna join? Either click on the 'Join our Group' button, or simply leave a comment here, and I'll send you an invite!

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TheTodStar - Writer and Random Artist

Sky-The-Echidna - Main Artist

Zeusthefox - TheTodStar's Assistant



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